Heat Pump Replacement in Columbia, MD 21046

“My Heat Pump failed in the middle of the worst heat wave in recent years with temperatures soaring in the 90 degrees. When my heat pump failed and a repair was only followed by another breakdown that led to indoor temperatures up to 90 degrees, Greenfox came to rescue and intalled a new heat pump and air handler. What is remarkable is that the breakdown of my old unit occurred on a Friday before the Labor Day Weekend. Rather than wait until Tuesday of the next week to come and install the new unilt, members of the Greenfox team (Bruce, Hamon, and Henry) volunteered to come in on the weekend to perform the installation of a new Heat Pump and Air handler. I found them to not only be highly professional, but also highly trained and very knowlegable of the technical aspects of HVAC Systems. The HVAC install has run perfectly with a level of comfort my family and I have not experienced in a long time. I offer my sincerest appreciation to the technicians who performed this excellent job and I would not hesitate to have them service my HVAC System in the future.”

– Shirley B.